I was born in Lincolnshire – (the county Henry VIII called the most brute and beestelie of the hole realme.). What a nice chap: he really liked us!

I’ve always been interested in writing stories from the moment I could hold a pen and make meaningful squiggles on the page. Everything I wrote had adventure or crime at its heart. When I was 14, I discovered Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Anne, particularly has been a constant companion in my mind ever since.

A love of books made my career choice as a librarian easy. I’ve worked in public libraries – specializing in local studies and spent a happy year in Worcester City Library formulating talks for visiting foreign students and putting together a slideshow with commentary about the effect of the River Severn on the city. A couple of years later I was driving a 7.5 tonne library mobile around rural Herefordshire in one of the worse winters for 20 years.

After an interesting time as a prison librarian – lots of things I could tell you about that, but I signed the Official Secrets Act, so I can’t – I ended my career as an R&D Information Manager for a global pharmaceutical company. An interesting job, but the highlight was meeting my husband there.

After several years, my need to write prompted early retirement from paid employment.

Since my dearly beloved retired, we have moved to a very rural part of Lincolnshire. It is a county that has so much history attached to it, I will never get to see it all. But the new house is beautiful and the countryside is lovely. We are close to one of John of Gaunt’s castles, two aviation museums, the home of Sir John Franklin, the arctic explorer and much much more.

When not chained to my desk, I enjoy watercolour painting, cross-stitch or walking the dog around the rural lanes.